Why Should You Carry Your Own Metal Straws?

Metal Straws

Most of the time, when you order a drink at a restaurant or coffee shop, you are handed a plastic straw with it. Even though plastics are bad for our environment, their use has become commonplace in our culture. Thankfully, we have alternatives to plastic straws, such as metal or stainless steel straws. It is high time for us to discard the use of plastic, especially for eating and drinking purposes.

Besides, metal straws also offer lots of customization options along with other health benefits, which make them a desirable choice. You can even buy straws with names on them. Moreover, it is better to carry your own reusable metal straw wherever you go.

Here are some reasons why you should carry your own metal straw.

Save the Environment

The very first reason to bring your own metal straw is to save the environment. We all are aware of the harmful effects of plastic on our environment. Using plastic straws can wreak havoc on our planet. The toxic chemicals present in single-use plastic straws are not only bad for the environment but for you as well. Thus, you should avoid eating or drinking from plastic. By bringing your own metal straws with silicone straw tips, you can eliminate the need for plastic straws.

It's More Hygienic

Drinking with a straw is more hygienic than directly taking a sip from your canned beverages or glasses. You may not know, but canned beverages may have bacteria on the lid due to poor handling or manufacturing. Also, drinking glasses can harbor germs or bacteria if handled or washed improperly. However, using a straw helps prevent direct contact with the lip edge of such contaminated vessels. Besides, dentists also recommend using straws while drinking as it prevents the potential staining or discoloration of your front teeth. Therefore, carrying your own straw is a more hygienic and healthy practice.

Showoff with Style

Straws come in a variety of styles and shapes and also provide a plethora of customization options. You can easily get stylish and premium quality straws online or from in-stores that you can flaunt in front of others. You can create a great impression with personalized straws with names on them. Taking out a customized metal straw from your bag to drink your canned beverage will make you look sophisticated and well-mannered. Besides, you can also inspire others and create awareness for ditching the use of plastic straws.

Be More Responsible

When you bring your own metal straw, you take up the responsibility for your own waste. Also, imagine you are sitting somewhere with a smoothie in your hand, but there is no straw available. You may drink it directly from the can or glass, but it won't be hygienic, and also, you won't be able to enjoy your smoothie properly without a straw. Having your own straw in your carry bag will be handy in situations like these. It will also give you a sense of satisfaction and empowerment, knowing that you are doing your part to make a difference.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Not to mention, cleaning and maintaining reusable metal straws is easier than you think. Plastic straws are for one-time use, and once you use them, you throw them away. However, that is not the case with reusable metal straws. After using the metal straw, you can easily clean it by soaking it in a bowl with warm and soapy water. Once you clean and rinse it thoroughly, you can use it again without any worries. So, keep your reusable straw with silicone straw tips in your bag when you are on the go.


So, these are the reasons why you should carry your own metal straw. Reusable stainless steel straws make a better alternative to plastic straws. So, to avoid the use of plastic to drink your beverages or smoothies, don't forget to carry your reusable straws. Needless to say that reusable straws are more cost-effective in the long run. To impress others with your choice of straw, you can visit online stores like Forked Again, where you can find customized, high-quality food-grade and portable straws.